Who am I? I am a fearfully and wonderfully made wife, mother, granny, sister, daughter and friend. I wake up each morning and think, “I still have breath and a heartbeat on this earth and I shall praise my maker.” I have spent 13 years in education, with the privilege of helping parents teach their children in Florida school classrooms. I recently entered a period of full time caregiving for my widowed, aged mother with Altzheimer’s/dementia. My wonderful husband and family stood by my side as we moved her into our home preparing for the long haul. We now know that this season was to be only 3 years….but wow…what a three year experience it was! Mom changed her address on January 6, 2014 (I like that rather than “died” or “passed on”) to be with the lover of her soul…her Lord and Savior Jesus. I have also changed. I became whatever and whoever I needed to be to care for her. Some may feel that to leave their career and ambitions… to be absorbed into the life of a “dementiaed” loved one…is like losing their own life. But then I have read in the Bible that to “lose your life is to gain life.” I can say with all that is within me…I GAINED life!  I hope that my blogging and writing will some day encourage and guide another who has made the decision to care for one of the least of these. Surprisingly, my years as a teacher equipped me with a full toolbox of “helps” that I look forward to sharing with others who “care and caregive.”

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  1. It was amazing to watch the transformation in our family. So proud of you mom! What a gift it was to have nana for her last few years.

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